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Steelcase with whom OFIS has been partners with for last the 8 years, design spaces to help people work, learn and heal. Steelcase is the No 1 global brand in office furnishing with about 500 product lines in the verticals of corporate, education and healthcare. Their offering is anchored by three core brands: Steelcase, Coalesse and Turnstone and a sub- brand such as Bolia for the hospitality segment. Steelcase offerings are inspired by nearly 105 years of insight, gained serving the world's leading organizations

Lead time: 10-12 week

Warranty: 8 years

Country of origin: US & Europe

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Insight led work space solutions

Steelcase brings human insight to business by studying how people work, wherever they work. Those insights and Steelcase solutions help organizations achieve a higher level of performance by creating places that unlock the promise of people at work. Steelcase leads the way in creating great experiences by offering a range of architecture, furniture and technology products and services designed to help people reach their full potential.

Steelcase education

Every Space is a Learning Space: Steelcase Education works with educational institutions to create the most effective, rewarding and inspiring learning environments. It offers solutions for classroom, library faculty and the in-between spaces s well. Research has proven that inspiring educational spaces can change the way we teach and learn, and Steelcase helps us achieve that.

Steelcase health

Steelcase Health focuses on insight-driven, user-centered approaches to healthcare. They believe in the power of place to deliver greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved in the experience of health. Steelcase studies places that support health, and then delivers insights, applications and solutions to create moments that can lead to change – moments that enhance interactions and engagement between clinicians, patients and families.

Protecting environment in our DNA

Protecting the environment is in their DNA. They drive sustainable social, economic and environmental change through their decisions and actions. At Steelcase, they don’t just do what’s right, they do what’s best — for people and for the planet. Most of Steelcase products are certified with the following certifications: - Cradel to Cradle certification, Level certification, SCS IAQ certification, ISO 9001 certification and ISO 14001 certification

Steelcase Products

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