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Are you thinking of transforming your gray and monotonous environment into something beautiful, alive, exclusive, and different? MOSSWALL® by Verde Profilo is the solution for you.

Urban settings are becoming more desirable as places to live, with the consequence that isolation from the natural world is increasingly common. Anyway, at the same time people show the desire to maintain some sort of connection with nature. Nowadays interior designers and botanists are inspired with creative new décor ideas like moss wall design to fill this need for nature-connection: moss walls are a gorgeous and absolutely low-maintenance way to bring a bit of nature into your home or working spaces.

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Turn your space into a forest with MOSSWALL® from Verde Profilo

Verde Profilo comes with a patented system called MOSSWALL®, which is able to fulfil at best any moss wall design need. MOSSWALL® is made up of 100% natural lichen, stabilized and preserved with an organic solution and treated to prevent dust settling, which makes it totally maintenance free. Handmade in Italy, it is certified for fire & for sound absorption. Don’t worry it doesn’t grow and provides a hostile environment for the insects. Available in 23 colors, it can be simply fixed to a wall or assembled with a modular, freestanding wall. It does not like direct sunlight and is not intended for outdoor use. It requires a moisture level at least of 40-50%, the level most preferable for human beings.

One doesn’t need to water, fertilize or even replace this MOSSWALL®

MOSSWALL® is the proper solution to give you the latest decorative trend in architectural and interior design, both for residential and commercial settings. A moss wall design can be a relaxing scenography for a dining area in a hotel or restaurant, or again it can be used as room divider and wall decoration in an office or a reception. It creates a concept of simplicity and peacefulness to any indoor environment. What’s more, if you keep the suitable indoor humidity and keep it out of the sun, you won’t need to water, fertilize or replace your moss wall.

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