OFIS - A new visual identity

10 Dec 2018

Since its establishment in 1985, OFIS has been working closely with architects and interior designers in UAE to help them find the right furniture and flooring solutions for the spaces they design. Building on its 33-year long experience in the market, OFIS has recently undergone through major structural changes, followed by a comprehensive rebrand.

The new visual identity was developed in partnership with Dubai-based interior design and branding consultancy Brand Creative.

“Carla Conte and her team at Brand Creative truly understood and successfully translated our vision, mission and above all our purpose in the market to one cohesive brand, infused with the accomplishments of our past,” explains Ali Maarrawi, General Manager at OFIS.

“Rebranding strategy wasn’t merely tweaking our logo, corporate identity or our website. Our priority was to inspire change and action amongst all of our employees so that everybody feels as they are contributing to something bigger,” says Ali. “We strengthened our in-house design, sales and pricing teams, aligning our people to our new vision. In today's saturated market, we recognized the need to redefine our purpose as a company that not only sells furniture and flooring products but offers complete solutions and efficiently supports interior designers and architects in all work stages.”

OFIS has been predominantly known as office furniture and flooring supplier, but the company recently acquired several new brands to strengthen its hospitality, education and healthcare portfolios.


Carla Conte, creative director at Brand Creative, comments: “The client brief was twofold. We were asked to embody the spirit of the brand’s existing identity by utilising the classic colour palette with a modern font and to re-design the underscoring arch into a new more powerful circular icon. It was imperative that the brand’s design services and upgraded offerings in the realms of healthcare, hospitality and education could play and equally stand amongst the strong history of corporate products they are known for.”

Brand Creative’s foray into the challenge began with hand sketches and explorations of breaking apart the selected typeface into parts.

“Our team realised the results seemed much like modular furniture pieces in plan view that interior designers are familiar with. This logical fit was then formatted into a grid sequence where we carefully played with kerning and proportion of a thicker custom font. Each letter of the name plays host to a new “pillar offering" below - WORK, LIVE, PLAY, CARE - in an array of saturated colours that are fresh and playful. The result is a completely customizable brand identity that promotes movement and individuality amongst new elements that are supported by a subtle familiarity to the original brand. The options to manipulate the parts are endless and playful yet curated in a tasteful, modern approach - much like what OFIS itself provides through their services and products to the design community.” added Carla

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