A unique system which makes cleaning in the corners more efficient and hygienic.
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Clean Corner System

The Gerflor clean corner system is a technical installation for internal and external angles which uses a specially cut piece of flooring to eliminate the need for corner welding. This system is recommended in ship areas where a perfect cleaning is required (eg medical centers).

Other than CLEAN CORNER SYSTEM Gerflor also offers the following 5 Coving systems
1. Full Cove Former
2. Full Cove Former –Clip System
3. Clapping Strip
4. Clapping Strip Clip System
5. Cove Former
6. PVC Clapping Strips P769/P1509
From this perspective, everything is cleaner
Based on the experience of professionals in the field, Gerflor has developed Clean Corner System: a patent pending innovative corner solution* stemming from several years of research and development (system only functioning with Gerflor floors).

1 - For external angle (covered by the respective pending patent applications: WO2016/005695 A1, FR3023313)
2 - For internal angle (covered by the French pending patent application FR3013065)
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