Interlay – More Comfort, Less Noise
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In any space – whether it’s an office or classroom, hotel or cinema – you want the people using it to be as comfortable as possible. For the majority of projects, acoustic and ergonomic comfort can be achieved with the specification of standard Interface carpet tiles. Our enhanced acoustic backing options, Interlay and SONE®, can be used across the entire workspace or limited to smaller zoned areas that have more complex needs.

Interlay is a resilient, loose-lay underfloor system of 50 x 50 cm tiles that can be used to enhance acoustics and comfort, just where it’s needed.
It is easy to install and has long-lasting benefits. Interlay significantly improves acoustic performance in any room by absorbing sound and dampening impact noise - the ideal way to combat poor acoustics.

When your carpet needs replacing, Interlay will still be going strong. You can re-use it, again and again, keeping all the benefits for the future
Interlay facts:
• Impact sound reduction up to 32 dB
• Sound absorption up to αw 0.30 depending on product
• Enhanced softness underfoot and thermal comfort
• Easy to install
• Compatible with our glue free TacTiles® system
• Flexible – allows easy change of carpet tiles
• No minimum quantity and short lead times
• Economical and flexible – especially for smaller areas
• Compatible with the majority of Interface products
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