The Link series in seating is the new finishing line of comfort for work environments
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Link X Plus
Nothing is left to chance in this executive seating that combines performances and design in a perfect way. Link X Plus designed by Giovanni Baccolini is designed for comfort and performances of absolute level. The unique combination of upholstered padding with refined lines on the backrest makes Link X Plus look stylish yet simple. With high quality adjustment mechanisms and variety of finishes, this executive chair is a perfect culmination of performance and design.

Link Plus
Link Plus is characterized by chrome-plated steel finish on the backrest and it is available in numerous versions. The special mesh in elasticized fabric exudes absolute comfort. The seat is provided with an innovative micro spring system that offers quality performances especially during prolonged working times. It's an ideal seating system for a work environment where the attention is towards elegance

Link (with mesh)
Link is different from the versions Link Plus and Link X Plus because of the elasticized mesh backrest which in this case covers the bearing structure as well.
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