Buoy by Turnstone

Designed for today's movers and shakers, Buoy is a seat that’s as active as people are. It can be personalized with six bold colors. Its is a moving experience.
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Sitting. It’s only the beginning.
After researching multiple small businesses, Turnstone noticed something: people are mobile, even when seated. Whether you’re a knee bouncer, a pencil tapper, or you’ve got jazz hands, Buoy lets you move freely. So feel free to pull up a seat. Or lean in. Or hunker down. Mobility matters.

• Buoy was designed for everyone. It provides 140mm/5.5 inches of height adjustability with the lift of a lever.
• Its curved base encourages active sitting. After all, people are not supposed to stay planted in one spot all day.
• With a built-in handle and weighing only 9 kg, Buoy is designed to go wherever users need to go. At work, at home, or anywhere in between, Buoy gets around
• Buoy caps are available in over 25 fabrics including designer fabrics such as Maharam and British designer Paul Smith’s Exaggerated Plaid.

The day doesn’t stop at five o’clock, and neither does Buoy. Designed to be a part of people’s active lifestyle, Buoy is comfortable seating anywhere people decide to use it
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It is up to 87% recyclable and is made with up to 5% recycled content, 3% from post-consumer material.

Buoy has achieved the following certifications:
• ANSI/BIFMA level Certified -Level 1
• SCS Indoor Air Advantage Certified - SCS IAQ Gold Certified in North America
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