Taraflex Evolution

Taraflex® is the best performing product on the market which is suited for all types of sports and leisure activities
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Gerflor has revolutionised indoor sports practices and keeps on innovating! Taraflex® is the best performing product on the market. Protection and safety are the main concerns when we are developing a new floor. With a complete range of P1/P2/P3 products, Gerflor offers the perfect solution adapted to all users and usages, from low impact activities through elite and performance sports.

Why you should choose taraflex?
• FOR PROTECTION: The floor that brings immediate protection on impact to all users when falling, diving or sliding on the floor
• FOR SAFETY: Shock absorption minimizes the force of impact on the body and reduces long term injury risk
• FOR LIFE: Taraflex® technology ensures a long lasting high performance of the products for the lifetime of the floors.
The combination of Protecsol®, D-Max™/D-Max™+, CXP™HD foam ensures that Taraflex® Sports Flooring are durable and high performing
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