Surround supports the family in every way, offering a place to spend time with one another, rest, be productive, host other guests and communicate with clinicians.
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Surround is a collection of healthcare furnishings designed to support family members in the patient room. With the flexibility to serve as a sleep surface or sofa and features to support eating, working and socialization, the Surround Collection offers family members a place to feel supported in healthcare environments

High Recline Arm: The high-recline arm was designed for relaxed postures when watching TV, reading, or working on a device. Overall, the curvilinear design offers family members options for soft places to sit, lounge, recline, and relax.

Integrated Sliding Table: An integrated mobile tablet provides a surface to eat, work, take notes when communicating with the clinician, or even play games as a way to engage with visitors and the patient. The tablet can slide along the entire width of the base, and swivels to support multiple postures.

Fold-Down Sleeper: The intuitive fold-down sleep surface is designed for a comfortable overnight stay. The sleep surface can provide room for a full-grown adult to stretch out comfortably, without increasing the overall footprint of the furniture in the room.

Open Storage, Tray + Coat Hook: Open, layered storage functions like an end table at home, providing an intuitive place to store personal belongings. A card tray encourages patients to display get well cards and family photos, creating a more personal atmosphere in the clinical environment. An integrated coat hook provides a place for hanging a jacket or sweater.

Ambient Light: The ambient light provides a way for family members to read, search for personal belongings and move around the room without disrupting patient rest. With this warm, comfortable light, family members can avoid turning on the overhead lighting to look for items in their overnight bags or purses
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