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Timeless. Beautiful. Enduring. And refreshingly new.

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Inspired by some of the world’s most beloved textiles, our World Woven™ Collection brings a distinctive, handcrafted feel to a broad array of interior projects. The styles pay homage to centuries-old woolen textiles like Scottish tweed and the unique patterns of Saori and Madras.

Available in eight colors and made with 100% recycled content nylon, each World Woven style weaves together nods to some of history’s most enduring designs—uncomplicated, elegant patterns that keep us warm and lift our spirits.

The colors in the four core styles recall undyed wools with just a bit of contrast. To complement this set, two color studies incorporate many hues mingled together to create a vivid, hand-made effect. SummerHouse™ Brights & SummerHouse Shades – along with ShadowBox™ Velour & ShadowBox Loop – offer an injection of new colors and texture, while French Seams and Stitch in Time take a cue from classic fashion textiles.

Whether used as a simple, neutral background or combined to create diversity and movement, World Woven gives you an exciting new world of options.

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