UR103 Urban Retreat Collection Grass 327123

Follow your instinct with nature-inspired carpet tile. Unexpected shifts of pattern and eccentric textures create a wonderful new landscape.
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We see the city as a mash-up of sharp and blurred, classic and futurist, eclectic and austere. Right now we are most interested in that place where one idea meets the other and vibrations occur.

Urban Retreat One explores that space at the edge and in between. A progressive colour story provides a few elements that can be assembled to explore ideas about colour, form and the transitions from one to the other.

Urban Retreatâ„¢ is a dynamic collection of eleven carpet tile products sorted into pattern studies that range from refined textures to broad organic forms. It explores where concrete gives way to grass and looks at the deeply carved character of an old growth tree set against the architecture of a manmade grid.
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