Toku seating collection


Toku seating is available with or without timber backrests, along with a choice of cushions and featuring a vast selection of upholstered textiles and colours. With an Ottoman and Bench, Table and Screen the Toku is suited to a newer, more futuristic worker and can be useful in transitional spaces; the range gives a sense of catalysing mobility and collaborative discussion.

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Named after the Japanese word for ‘talk’, Toku inspires people to connect, converse and collaborate. Evoking a sense of community, the Toku Bench and Ottoman provide alternative spaces within the workplace and learning environments for teams and friends to come together. The curved edges and soft furnishings of the seating, along with the tactile timber backrest, bring comfort and flowing lines to interiors.

Product video

Toku empowers people with the autonomy to choose the place they need, and embraces flexible working styles. The collection creates spaces for privacy and focus, communication and collaboration, no longer binding people to a singular work point. An interesting element is the color option – despite being MDF, they can still be powder-coated, allowing for a variety of colors.There’s also the option of adding electronics to either the backrests or the base units. Product video courtesy @lovethatdesign


The future workplace will see a generational shift, with Millennials (Gen Y) predicted to make up ¾ of the workforce in the next decade. Prevalent in the future workplace and a direct outcome of the growing number of Millennials, is the increasing blur between personal life and work life, shifting from the notion of ‘work/life balance’ to ‘work/life integration’. Prioritising spaces that provide balance will  be the key to creating harmonious learning  and workspaces. The Toku collection facilitates spaces for privacy and focus, communication and collaboration

Design story

“The purpose behind Toku’s design is to create balance in environments that require diversity. Named after the Japanese word for ‘talk’, Toku supports people connecting, conversing and collaborating,” says designer, Gavin Harris. The fact that it’s a modular design that can be configured to tailor-fit the function of the space makes it super appealing.

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