Umami Lounge System

Umami seating, tables and screens offer an endless variety of configurations, sizes and materials options. . It’s designed to create informal spaces that promote social interactions, stimulate the brain and enhance creativity.
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Umami’s flexible modular design can be used to create spaces that are unique to organizations and individuals. Pieces simply combine in a variety of configurations making it one of the most versatile lounge furniture systems available.

• Umami is comprised of five key elements: lounges, platforms, tables, screens and power. All of these elements simply and securely link together and unlock just as easily for quick rearrangement.
• Umami was designed to create spaces where people feel an emotional connection. Multiple shapes, forms, patterns and textures are used to promote variation over uniformity.
• A wide variety of material options are available, encouraging creativity and self-expression.
• Umami’s integrated power and sculpted design allow for user comfort and performance.
• Screens create a range of privacy and balance the desire for openness with the human need for solitude.
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