An Italian seating story

Seating solutions from Diemme has a very discreet style which is a blend of traditional and modern design influences. It believes in organizing living spaces with rationality which reflects the users personality albeit ensuring well-being throughout. Diemme seating looks decidedly comfortable, which brings to life (just as in a painting) the very idea of relaxation, something enveloping on which you can really let yourself go.

Warranty: 5 years

Country of origin: Italy

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The language of modernity, with Diemme.

Founded in the 1990s, Diemme furniture focuses on the modern interpretation of seating which speaks to imperatives of comfort, style and long-lasting quality. This is seating for our times, with a focus on safety, smart design and eye appeal, blended in harmony. Diemme’s young designers such as Stefano Sandonà, Nicola Cacco, look to modernity itself for their inspiration, taking their cue from the rapid pace of technological change and 21st’ century’s digital reality.

The Diemme world of seating

Each Diemme product is designed to be balanced, comfortable – and to last! A chair, for example, is meant to be lived: it needs to be resistant and welcoming, it has to please us, but it must also respect us, it has to help us to be productive while we are seated on it. Many of us spend more time sitting than on our feet, making important decisions or doing business whilst intimately involved with a chair. The more a chair welcomes us the more what we do becomes profitable and enjoyable and that is what Diemme seating helps you achieve

Forever sensitive to environmental matters

Diemme office chairs are certificated according to D.L. 81 del 2008, UNI EN 1335, which implies that its products have passed the tests of resistance, safety and durability. Moreover, in order to meet contract and community needs, Diemme has also obtained the FIREPROOF Homologation certification released by the Italian ministry in 1IM class, for most of the products of its collection. Diemme is also an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.

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