Purposeful WORK deserves meaningful places that blend design, materiality and performance — how a space performs is just as critical as how it looks and feels.

With a concerted move away from traditional office structure towards “new ways of working”, OFIS are at the forefront of this movement with brands that produce ground-breaking, innovative product developments in the area. A wealth of workplace research has identified a collaborative open-plan approach is quickly becoming the dominant mode of working. However, delving deeper we have discovered that areas supporting privacy, focus as well as places for informal meetings are just as essential to gain competitive advantage in the current economic climate

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State of Work: Blur the edges

No one space can support the changing ways in which people need to work today. That’s why designers from our partner Steelcase recommend an ecosystem of spaces that integrate people, place and technology to support the individual and the organization. People can fluidly shift from one type or work to another based on what they need to get done. We’ve blurred the ways we work and when we work. It’s time to blur the edges of what we’ve traditionally considered the workplace. Spaces that blend design and materiality without compromising performance can inspire new ways of thinking and fueling creativity.

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Go solo or collaborative

The concept of the workstation has come of age; Smart furnishings like benching systems and height-adjustable tables make teamwork easier while keeping the workplace light and airy. Our workstations accommodate the needs of various workstyles to support collaborative and solo work in office, classroom, or hospital environments. Selecting the right furniture allows you to accommodate group areas, departmental needs and storage requirements, yet remains flexible and cost-effective. With our selection you can easily integrate technology, network cabling and electrical power, and effectively manage wiring and equipment for current and future needs.

An Evolution of Leadership Spaces

A vast majority of leaders (around 58%) still work in traditional, private offices according to the Steelcase Global Report. Therefore contemporary or traditional, OFIS is able to provide you with a wide selection of pieces that you can choose from for your executive office. While executive suites are still the norm, leaders are spending more time working anywhere and everywhere, knowing they can’t afford to be isolated from employees who have their fingers on the pulse of the organization. By combining private and open spaces in their layouts, OFIS’s unique executive selection can help strike the right balance between the two.

Ergonomic performance with a contemporary design.

When you’re working at a desk, the one thing that can make your day entirely different is a high-quality chair that keeps you comfortable and upright. Boost staff morale, impress visitors and work comfortably all day with a chair from OFIS’s vast selection of seating options. Ergonomics, comfort and performance are combined with style in all our collection. Consider OFIS as a resource for not only executive and task seating, but student and training chairs, lobby/lounge and waiting room area seating, Clinician & outdoor chair etc

Meeting room ought to impress

Whether you're looking for large conference tables or small collaborative tables, we offer a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to complement any meeting requirement. These are the rooms where tough decisions are made and strategies can turn on a dime, at the very least they should be pieces of inspiration for the individuals that will be using them. Every part of your boardroom—from aesthetics to wiring—need to make a grand statement, and we have the pieces that can make that happen. This is, after all, the place you’ll entertain clients. Where board directors expect to be “wowed.” Where business prospects will be curious about how equipped your organization is. Simply put, your meeting room needs to impress.

A touch of comfort and luxury

Moving away from a typical desk, we believe that great ideas can be created while seating on the comfortable sofa, so we have lounge furniture and soft seating from brands such as Bolia, Sitia and Kastel where people can easily connect and collaborate as they are equally important to us as ergonomic task chairs. Lounge spaces also add a touch of comfort and luxury to your office, hospital, or hotel. Browse our modern lounge seating options to create unique spaces

Carpet designed with humans in mind

Every successful organization has its own unique personality. Our modular carpet collection from Interface offers an extensive selection of colors, patterns and textures to help you express yours. It is designed with humans in mind. Practical benefits include improved acoustics and air quality in a space as well as comfort and softness underfoot. The modularity of the products enables unlimited design flexibility and also selective replacement and therefor ensuring no wastage during installation.

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