The art of hotel living- Every guest wants to feel just as comfortable and welcome as they do while living in their homes. This is achieved by having harmony in design and ensuring a contemporary stay that will sooth the soul.

OFIS offers functional and design-oriented furniture for a multitude of settings in different types of hotels including boutique hotels, spa hotels and even restaurants. In our collection we have furniture made out of a wide range of materials, colours and different finishes. Many of the products such as chairs, tables, bar stools and upholstered furniture are part of a large family thereby enabling you to furnish your establishment in a consistent style. With all our solutions being modular which includes carpet as well, renovation without closing down the hotel premise is possible.

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Biophilic Design in Hospitality

Putting a greater focus on nature-inspired design is commercially beneficial for any hospitality provider. The Human Spaces 2.0 report by Interface found that guests spent 36% more time in biophilic hotel lobbies than in conventional lobbies. Adding biophilic elements to a hospitality environment designed for rest, relaxation can boost the hospitality offering, while also providing an additional ‘wow’ factor for guests. Sensory textural contrasts within a space can help occupants feel more ‘present’. For example the feeling of moving from plush carpeted floor to cool textural riven stone tiles. These sensory changes focus the mind, and can help us feel more relaxed, and in turn, more mindful.

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  • Dining Tables & Chairs
  • Lobby Seating
  • Flooring
  • Outdoor Spaces
  • Room Chairs

Dining table & chairs for design aficionados

Explore dining area seating and tables to create comfortable settings for bar, restaurant and cafe-style uses. The comfortable seating of the restaurant goes a long way in increasing the customer’s satisfaction level with the restaurant. With brands such as Bolia you'll find an impressive selection of dining chairs that will complement your dining table and spread an atmosphere brimming with cosines and aesthetics. Whether you prefer leather, soft surfaces or exclusive wood, you have the opportunity to play around with the design and the exciting materials, so your dining chair stands as strongly as possible in relation to the rest of your restaurant decor

Hotel lobby meets office

Today’s business travelers or startup entrepreneurs prefer to meet and work in public—changing the way the industry looks at the hotel lobby, bar and restaurant space. Today’s business travelers are largely Gen X and Gen Y, having grown up in coffee shops and with technology always at their fingertips. Whether they’re staying at hotels as individuals or as part of conferences or other group meetings, they prefer to meet and work in public rather than in their rooms. This preference requires space and furniture that is different from a hotel’s traditional lobby, bar and restaurant public spaces.

Carpet to floor your guests

Be it broadloom carpet which is traditionally used by the hotel industry or the modular carpet which is increasingly being used by new designers for their hospitality project, we have best brands in both these categories. Halbmond with its 130 year heritage offers exquisite design through its tufted broadloom carpet which has limitless aesthetic possibilities. Interface on the other hand challenges designers to think creatively and use modular flooring carpet tiles and LVT to work together seamlessly to create unique environments that are beautiful, affordable and easy to maintain. These modular flooring solutions can be changed where necessary, rather than replacing the entire carpet when an area becomes damaged or worn.

Redefine your expectations of what outdoor furniture can be

Create an indoor/outdoor space that's a relaxing and inspiring retreat. Our luxury indoor/outdoor patio furniture through brands such as Coalesse by Steelcase is both functional and stylish. Light, ethereal, and elegant, our line of contemporary outdoor chairs allows you to bring lounge comfort and style to patios and outdoor cafés. Whether for socializing or quiet concentration, outdoor settings are prime destinations where we connect, collaborate and rejuvenate. Other than hospitality sector for some offices they are the natural extension of great workplaces as well.

Life is too short not to sit well

For hotel rooms that are both stylish and refined, you can count on our range of brands such as Bolia and Diemme. Thanks to a large range of products, colors and finishes from them, you will be able to create a unique atmosphere, tailor-made to fit your establishment and your clients’ needs. Whether you want your hotel rooms to be furnished in a modern, traditional or even vintage style, you will find here everything that you need.

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