We at OFIS, CARE on improving the healthcare experience for three groups: patients, caregivers and partners in care (family and visitors). Making them healthier. More productive. And less stressful.

It's time to take a fresh look at healthcare. With an eye towards transforming environments, we at OFIS through our partner Steelcase Health demonstrate how space can be used to humanize the health experience in waiting rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, clinician spaces and infusion therapy environments to create places that deliver greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved. Other brands such as Flokk and Ergotron also offers few solutions such as chairs and nurse carts respectively for this sector

With the combination of proven solutions for flooring, wall, corner and door protection, handrails and wall covering, Gerflor our flooring partner provides seamless surface protection and makes any health environment feel welcoming and approachable without compromising on performance. Enhanced hygiene and infection control protection which is a prerequisite on all healthcare products are ably met by the solutions that we offer.

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Transforming the Exam Room Story

It’s a universal scene—the exam room with a table with its crinkly paper, the iconic doctor’s stool and a stiff chair for a family member. Maybe there’s a computer mounted to the wall or on a desk. Even though exam rooms today require a new type of experience - one that builds on doctor-patient-family member collaboration, many of it still have configuration of such bygone era. One model, known as “Mutual Participation”, is the focus of a study by Steelcase Health researchers and led to a new set of design principles, exam room concepts and ultimately to new product ideas, all created to transform exam rooms into spaces that meet today’s needs.

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Supporting the Moments that Matter

When friends and family are supported in the patient room, everyone benefits. When they are invited to move beyond a visitor role, and participate in care as they are able, their involvement can lead to better patient health, higher customer satisfaction and improved outcomes. In the patient room we consider the needs of the three primary users: the patient, the family member, and the staff. For example, the patient needs a place to store personal belongings, and a place for cards or flowers. The family needs to be with their loved one without being in the way of staff attending to the patient. The staff zone, which includes a counter, storage, sink and sanitizer, needs to be located at the entrance to the room.

Shared decision making

Exam spaces are no longer just a place for medical exams and treatments, it is also a space where consulting, learning and person-to-person sharing happen. Exam rooms today require a new type of experience — one that builds on doctor-patient-family member collaboration. Products such as node with surface, Empath, Pocket from our partner Steelcase Health enables one to achieve that. At the same time HAG capsico chairs from Flokk also provides the perfect seating solution with front support for doctors or lab technicians in these spaces.

A space that's long been waiting for a better solution

Waiting places have come into focus more recently as places that have generally been poorly designed for the needs of the people who use them (often sighting isolation, disconnection, poor comfort and low productivity). Greater comfort, privacy and connection have been indicated through research as the biggest objectives in the waiting rooms of today. Seating in waiting rooms must accommodate people of all sizes. And ideally, it should facilitate private conversations between caregivers and patients, their families and friends. OFIS are able to offer a range of solutions to issues such as these and more with products that provide the right blend of solutions.

A better prescription for helping nurses do their jobs

The job of nurses or caregivers has intensified dramatically over the years. More technology, new patient care delivery modes and a whole new set of processes demand a rethinking of how work flows. At OFIS with our partner Steelcase Health, we've identified three distinct areas that could better accommodate the needs of nurses: Curb-side, for impromptu meetings. Step-in, for more involved work such as writing a chart or taking dictation. And Immersion, for informational meetings that may require access to a computer, white board or other technology. By systematically thinking about the relationships between people, processes, objects and spaces, we are able to tailor solutions to reduce chaos and help nurses focus on what's important

Improving the cancer care experience for everyone involved

Patients, care partners, and care providers want connection, comfort, and convenience. Each user plays an important role in the healing process. We enhance their connection with settings that offer control and customization. The physical and emotional comfort of the patient is priority. We provide space for personal things, a soft place to recline, and room for friends and family nearby. Convenience is essential for work process and we make sure caregivers have what they need, where they need it. Infusion environments can be respectful of all involved in the treatment process and foster an atmosphere of caring and communication.

Wall to floor care

Flooring in hospitals and clinics needs to meet the demands of the clinical environment in terms of infection control, hygiene, maintenance and performance. Our flooring partner Gerflor recognizes that each area of the hospital or aged care facility has to be finished and equipped specifically in terms of performance, aesthetics, functionality, duty of care and regulatory requirements. The use of Gerflor floor and wall products will enable healthcare facility managers to deliver of the specific needs of a diverse group of patients and health professionals, while meeting duty of care and environmental requirements.

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