From saying no to plastic bottles and using filtering tap water in our office to promoting concepts of biophilic design, our fourth pillar – CARE – strongly stands for our commitment to fostering the well-being of our team and our clients.

OFIS continuously works on environmental improvements in its choice of suppliers or brand partners as we call them. Most of OFIS's brand partners have a high priority and documentation of their environmental performance and organizations impact on the surroundings. Documentation is verified according to the world known standards as ISO 14000, EMAS & LEED.

Be it Flooring solutions or Office work space, we at OFIS will be pleased to provide all required and necessary documentation regarding these issues, and will appreciate if it will form part of the final decision material, due to the fact that most of our brand partners are "best performers" in the area of sustainability.

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Interface: Climate Take Back

If humanity has changed the climate by mistake, Interface believes that we can change it with intent.

Their new mission “Climate Take Back” is a step in this direction. They plan to achieve it in 4 steps

  1. Live Zero: They don’t put more carbon into the atmosphere
  2. Love Carbon: By using the carbon that is in the atmosphere as a building block to make products, to make raw materials
  3. Let Nature Cool: We want to run our business in a way that doesn’t interfere with nature’s ability to cool itself 
  4.  Lead Industrial Re-revolution: Taking all the ideas, learnings, innovations and finding a way to share those so that we can change how business is done

Steelcase: Designing for sustainability

Steelcase knows that the only way to provide the best products in the world is to ensure that they're the best products for the world. That's why every step of the way - through design, manufacture, delivery and product lifecycle - Steelcase considers the impact of their work on the environment and uncover opportunities to make things better. Most of Steelcase products have the following environmental certification

BIFMA level®

EU Ecolabel (European Flower)


Blauer Engel

FCS® Chain of Custody

Oeko Tex®

China Environmental Label

NF Environnement

SCS Indoor Advantage™


Flokk | Sustainability - The 5III Concept

Flokk have been focused on making sustainable furniture since 1993. With their 5III environment concept, they've put together a simple yet effective set of principles which have guided the way they work for 25 years. It’s called Five- Three and it is about 5 circular design principals that come together to create one sustainable lifecycle. Those 5 principals are

1. Low weight

2. Fewer Components

3. Right choice of materia

4. Long life span

5. Design for disassembly

Together these principals help them look after 3 focus areas on the environment

1. Climate: Reducing carbon footprint

2. Resources: Taking less from planet

3. Health: Keeping people safer

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