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With a concerted move away from traditional office structure towards “new ways of working”, OFIS are at the forefront of this movement with brands that produce ground-breaking, innovative product developments in the area. A wealth of workplace research has identified a collaborative open-plan approach is quickly becoming the dominant mode of working. However, delving deeper we have discovered that areas supporting privacy, focus as well as places for informal meetings are just as essential to gain competitive advantage in the current economic climate.

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OFIS offers functional and design-oriented furniture for a multitude of settings in different types of hotels including boutique hotels, spa hotels and even restaurants. In our collection we have furniture made out of a wide range of materials, colours and different finishes. Many of the products such as chairs, tables, bar stools and upholstered furniture are part of a large family thereby enabling you to furnish your establishment in a consistent style. With all our solutions being modular which includes carpet as well, renovation without closing down the hotel premise is possible.

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Increasing student engagement is the single most important objective when it comes to the design of learning spaces in educational institutions. The recent profound shift has seen teaching move from a passive “chalk n’ talk” to more active modes of learning. With the latest research from Steelcase Education in this area we can now offer leading, innovative educational products proven to support these more active modes of learning – with excellent results on student engagement levels.

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It's time to take a fresh look at healthcare. With an eye towards transforming environments, we at OFIS through our partner Steelcase Health demonstrate how space can be used to humanize the health experience in waiting rooms, exam rooms, patient rooms, clinician spaces and infusion therapy environments to create places that deliver greater connection, empathy and wellbeing for everyone involved. Other brands such as Flokk and Ergotron also offers few solutions such as chairs and nurse carts respectively for this sector

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