Power of play: Students absorb better when encouraged to learn through play and active learning. Every space has the potential to be an inspiring learning environment, if the right designs are used.

The user behavior of learning environments has changed rapidly in recent years due to technological advancements, expectations of the new generation of learners and the need for 21st century job skills. To support the new student behavior we offer furniture solutions through our partner Steelcase which enhances the physical space so as to support co-learning, co-creation and open discussion to fully capitalize on the benefits of active learning concept.

Through flooring as well, OFIS offers positive design elements which makes it easier for students to make the most of their class time. By using textiles and colours inspired by the natural world our flooring partner Interface brings the students and faculty close to nature thereby improving their engagement ratio. Our LVT products also offers essential design and performance benefits with the same modularity as our carpet tile making it a perfect solution for corridors and other transitional spaces where hard surface is desired.

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Insights into Technology-Empowered Learning

With fresh ways of thinking about learning environments, schools can capture the promise of evolving educational models without diminishing the importance of teachers and bricks-and-mortar campuses.

Steelcase Education researchers conducted a design research study at 16 schools, colleges and universities to better understand the implications of technology-empowered learning. Six spatial insights emerged for blended learning environments

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Activating the classroom

With our partner Steelcase, we rethink “the box” and move away from the traditional setting of rows of fixed tablet chairs and a lectern. With products such as Node chair, we have been able to promote a highly adaptive learning environment to accommodate any teaching style. Their adaptable table based collection VERB creates an integrated learning space with personal-sized, one-of-a- kind whiteboards for instantaneous collaboration there by encouraging the concept of ACTIVE LEARNING in classrooms

Supporting Faculty Work

The work of faculty is critical to an institution’s success. To support faculty needs, education workspaces must be as high-performing as the people who work in them. It is necessary to provide them with “Palette of Places” which is an idea that promotes a layout that recognizes the varying demands on faculty members and provides them with multiple workspaces without requiring any more space than the footprint of traditional offices. With Steelcase products such as Verb, Brody & media cape this is easily achieved.

The Library Transforms to Learning Commons

With information available online virtually anytime, housing countless books has become of secondary importance. Today’s library should be a broader and deeper resource than ever, a place where traditional and new knowledge resources converge. One needs to provide solutions which cater to individual as well as group study spaces and this is perfectly met by Steelcase Education with products such as Brody and media scape respectively.

Every Space is a Learning Space

Learning can and should happen everywhere on campus. In between the destination sites are lounges, hallways and other informal areas that can be so much more than transition spaces. Leverage valuable campus real estate by transforming in-between areas into flexible learning spaces for individuals and groups. A variety of multipurpose workspaces grant students choice and control over how they learn because learning does happen before and after class as well.

Safe floors for students

A growing number of educational institutions now need to provide hygienic and anti-allergen environments for their students such as in halls or residence facilities. Gerflor vinyl is an ideal choice because unlike many carpet and textile floor coverings, it won't harbor dirt or dust mites. It is also easy, quick and inexpensive to maintain. Gerflor manufactures innovative, decorative and sustainable vinyl flooring, sports flooring and wall finishes for schools and universities. Stylish, durable and low maintenance Gerflor flooring helps you to create a safe and inspiring educational environment in which students can learn and flourish.

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