Flokk: Turns seating into a design icon in any work environment

Norwegian brand FLOKK can furnish practically any space for work or public use with their seating brands such as HÅG and RBM. They are known to create innovative visual concepts and turning them into fulfilling environments in collaboration with skillful professionals. In an ever changing world, they take on a human centered, deep design thinking approach.Their flagship chair, HÅG Capisco with its pioneering saddle seat and overall unique shape offers endless ways to sit or half stand.

Lead time: 10-12 weeks

Warranty: 10 years

Country of origin: Norway

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HAG seating: An association nurtured for the last 75 years

Built with the natural continuity of the body in mind and easily adjustable for comfort the HÅG range of office chairs enables you to experience combined flexibility, luxury and distinction to accommodate a broad scope of needs; both therapeutic and aesthetic, for the work place or domestic office environment. Their flagship chair, HÅG Capisco is a design icon which is inspired and fashioned on the positions adopted by horse riders to establish a fluid non-height restrictive configuration. Designed by Peter Opsvik in 1974, the chair has evolved & adapted over the years winning a number of awards in its journey

RBM seating: Vitalising space and relations

RBM seating are colourful, vibrant and recyclable and creates positive sitting experiences and joyful moments between people, inspiring learning, sharing and play. In other words, the chairs vitalise space and relations. Chairs such as NOOR, ANNA, and BALLET are playful, warm and harmonious and gives a feeling of light and simplicity. RBM tables come in a wide range of smart configurations, making it easy to put together flexible combinations that enrich the ambience of public environments.

A holistic approach to design balanced with sustainability

“Form follows function”, has been Flokk’s key philosophy - because they always focus on the people who use their products and adapt them to fit the human body. They work with some of Scandinavia's foremost designers, for example Veryday, Frost Produkt, Powerdesign, StokkeAustad, Grønlund Design, Peter Opsvik and Thias Eckhoff. Every Flokk chair is designed and manufactured according to five basic life cycle principles namely Low weight, Good materials, Long lifetime and Cradle to cradle closed lifecycles

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