Sancal tries to remove the superfluous to concentrate on the essentials thereby creating products which are literally a labour of love.

Sancal creates solutions for the discerning customers of the hospitality sector. They design balanced products with a strong identity, which can be personalized as well because diversity of humanity is the measure of everything. Their designs are far from the conventional. It has contemporary style which are timeless and eclectic. They collaborate with designers from around the world, as a result their personalities impregnate each and every product.

Warranty: 4 years

Country of Origin: Spain

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At Sancal each product is a labour of love

Sancal’s interest in design has evolved over the last 40 years. As an introverted rationalist, Santiago - the founder has always found design to be the best way to do away with the superfluous. This personal philosophy guided the company during its first decades. The new century saw the artistic direction of the company being handed onto Santiago’s talented daughters Esther and Elena. Their take on design is more hedonistic and extroverted, where communication becomes part of a product’s function. The Natural, Flash, Tierra and Gráfica collections are testament to this evolution

Sancal applies colors like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music

Primary and secondary, vibrant or pastel, natural or artificial, satin or matte, opaque or translucent, all colour motivates Sancal, even brown! Colour is the language they use to express a world of emotions through their products. Their products have contributed in the creation of intelligent hotel spaces around the world with its innovative designs which exudes their Spanish identity of being passionate, open, joyful yet humble.

Respect for designers

Whatever project Sancal embarks on, no matter how small, is directed by industrial, graphic or interior designers. They combine simple forms with an acute attention to detail to produce pieces that are both practical and expressive. For Sancal design is a source of: Innovation, to develop new concepts and improve existing products. Simplicity to make users lives easier. Familiar, in order to make the new accessible. Creativity, to thrill them. This personal culture of design is enriched by their incessant collaboration with designers from around the world. As a result their personalities impregnate each and every product of Sancal.

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