World class flexible furniture solutions for office, hotels & public spaces.

High end products from Australian brand Schiavello is known to strike the right balance between creativity and functionality to meet the exacting values of today’s clientele especially the millennial. Working with Australian and international designers, all of Schiavello’s collection enhances collaboration, concentration and health in the workplace and living spaces. It’s dedicated to develop intelligent, inspiring and resilient solutions since last 50 years.

Lead time: 10-12 weeks

Warranty: 5 years

Country of origin: Australia

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Schiavello supports current and future ways of working in offices

At Schiavello, they view the workplace holistically as an ever evolving interaction between the space, technology and people. Recognizing that one-size does not fit all, they embrace diversity, and assist clients in developing workplaces that support current and future ways of working; considering diverse worker types, work modes and alternative work spaces and products. They understand that with change, there is an emotional response from the workforce and they can assist in ensuring the right change occurs and that it is accepted and embedded into the organisational culture and day-to-day business functioning.

Hospitality: A vibrant component of the Schiavello portfolio

Hospitality has been a significant part of Schiavello’s product offering for more than 30 years. They understand the evolving trends and unique demands of this sector. They’ve completed hundreds of landmark hospitality projects and are an active participant in the space. Not many companies can say they offer an insight from both sides of the pass (client and service provider), but at Schiavello when they say they understand hospitality they actually deliver. It sets the stage for an experience for which the guests keep coming back for

Schiavello’s recent launches aims to boost productivity and autonomy

Reflective of the brand’s dedication to well-being, Schiavello’s innovative office solutions aim to boost productivity and autonomy. Recent product launches include Krossi, a new sit-to-stand workstation system that allows movement from a seated to an upright position, and Focus, a series of soft barriers and booths that encourages individual work, providing acoustic absorption and privacy for those who need it. Then Toku, evokes a sense of community and considers modern day workers – millennials and beyond – who crave collaborative and interactive spaces and furniture.

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