Flooring: Carpet Tile

We offer modular flooring solutions and office carpet tiles, which are easy to maintain and cost-effective. We are the exclusive dealer for the world’s largest designer & maker of modular carpet tile – Interface, for the past 25 years. Available in both squares as well as skinny planks, office carpet tiles from Interface can be used to create a wide range of designs, from a uniform wall-to-wall installation to eclectic 'design-by-tile'. Our in-house concept design team can help bring your ideas to life, enhancing your workspace with a wide range of office carpet tiles. Interface explores the power of biophilic-inspired designs through their collections; which directly mimic natural textures.

Flooring: Luxury Vinyl Tile

Our partner Interface has a soft spot for modular resilient flooring solutions, hence they have recently introduced LVT which is a perfect fit for their existing modular office carpet tiles collections. No transition strips required – just beautiful, easy-care flooring from edge to edge, with no worry about doubling up on materials. Designers use office carpet tiles and LVT together seamlessly to create unique environments that are beautiful, affordable and easy to maintain. Available with a superior Sound Choice backing, these hard floors can minimize noise, making it easier for you to create workspaces for concentration & focus

Flooring: Linoleum

Our partner Gerflor manufactures innovative, decorative and sustainable Linoleum flooring solutions and wall finishes to meet every indoor market application need: healthcare, education, sport, retail, offices, and hospitality. The varied designs and delightful colours give Gerflor Linoleum an attractive appearance, which fits perfectly into any setting. They are also a worldwide leading brand of indoor sports floor, which provides the best level of performance, comfort and safety for all levels of sports.

Flooring: Broadloom Carpet

We are also offering flooring solutions for the hospitality sector. Broadloom carpet a prerequisite to any hotel or hospitality project can now be ably serviced through our partner Halbmond carpet. Halbmond is the manufacturer of tufted broadloom carpet which has a long-standing tradition of more than 130 years. Over the years they have created 20 different collections for individual requirements in the hospitality sector. One can also have their own designs printed on these carpet in terms of drawings, patterns, logos etc thereby creating a unique identity for the client.

  1. UR501
Urban Retreat Collection
Ash 327510

    UR501 Urban Retreat Collection Ash 327510

    Colourful Skinny Planks. Follow your instinct with nature-inspired carpet tile.
  2. Transformation
Gabbro 1628065

    Transformation Gabbro 1628065

    Imitating nature for beauty and efficiency
  3. LVT Boundary Metallics 
Eclipse A00606

    LVT Boundary Metallics Eclipse A00606

    Boundary Metallics LVT is inspired by man-made, industrial materials with the patina of nature and time.
  4. LVT Studio Set
Slate A00713

    LVT Studio Set Slate A00713

    Colour your space
  5. Tactile


    TacTiles – The Easy Way to Install Modular Flooring without Glue
  6. Interlay


    Interlay – More Comfort, Less Noise
  7. Mipolam Esprit

    Mipolam Esprit

    MIPOLAM ESPRIT is high performance homogeneous vinyl flooring suitable for heavy duty traffic, available in sheet format
  8. Mipolam Symbioz

    Mipolam Symbioz

    A homogeneous vinyl flooring which has Low environmental impact at every stage of its product life.
  9. Other Homogenous Products

    Other Homogenous Products

    Attractive, high performance homogeneous vinyl flooring, ideally suited for commercial, education and healthcare environments
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