1. Mix


    The MIX table mixes traditional and organic wood shapes
  2. Como coffee table

    Como coffee table

    Como is such a coffee table that it would fit in with any sofa
  3. Posea Side table

    Posea Side table

    A side table with metal frame and decadent marble slab.
  4. Mood coffee table

    Mood coffee table

    The Mood coffe table in two sizes, 60 and 90 diameter
  5. Mood dining table

    Mood dining table

    The Mood collection inspired by 50’s design has a modern twist
  6. Mera (Side table)

    Mera (Side table)

    A side table which can be conveniently pushed over most sofas
  7. Tuk coffee table

    Tuk coffee table

    Different height tables lets you put it together in a way, which evokes recollections of prehistorical pile dwellings
  8. MEET dining table

    MEET dining table

    A table which one can increase in size, by adding an extension leaf in granite or wood
  9. Yacht dining table

    Yacht dining table

    This understated dining table is the design worlds answer to the humble brag.
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