1. Bob by Coalesse

    Bob by Coalesse

    A crafted beauty. With flared arms, a matte polished aluminum base, and a coordinating ottoman, Bob Lounge is well-suited to any professional space. A business-like attitude with a warm embrace.
  2. SW_1 by Coalesse

    SW_1 by Coalesse

    Crafted to redefine the concept of collaborative workspaces, SW_1 office chairs and lounge seating by Coalesse are comfortable, accessible, and completely unique
  3. B-Free Lounge

    B-Free Lounge

    B-Free Lounge is a family of 7 simple elements for welcome and informal spaces. They aim at designing multiple and easily reconfigurable settings. B- Free Lounge creates focal points where people can meet, communicate informally or work together
  4. Brody Worklounge

    Brody Worklounge

    The Brody WorkLounge and Desk are private workspaces that are designed to be good for your body and good for your brain – providing places to get away without going away.
  5. Hosu by Coalesse

    Hosu by Coalesse

    Designed with personal space and comfort in mind, Hosu Lounge Seating chair and sofa by Coalesse create a comfortable oasis in the midst of contemporary office environments
  6. Lagunitas by Coalesse

    Lagunitas by Coalesse

    Transitioning from private to collaborative, Lagunitas Lounge Seating by Coalesse provides endless opportunities for configuring the ideal space.
  7. Massaud by Coalesse

    Massaud by Coalesse

    Equal parts refuge and workspace, the Massaud Collection by Coalesse is more than finely crafted designer seating. It's a destination.
  8. Millbrae by Coalesse

    Millbrae by Coalesse

    Drawing from the refinement of mid-century designs, Millbrae Contract Lounge and Millbrae Lifestyle Lounge by Coalesse enhance the social atmosphere of contemporary workplaces
  9. Visalia


    A fresh approach to traditional guest seating
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