Furniture: Office Chairs

The basic idea of a good office chair is to provide absolute comfort to the sitter, which we are able to achieve with our extensive range of individual office chairs, longe and sofas and auditorium seating from the best brands in the world, including Steelcase, Orangebox, Schiavello, Diemme, and Benel. Be it Executive & ergonomic chairs, Training & student chair, Lounge & collaborative chairs, Clinician & patient chairs or dining & outdoor chairs, each one of it has the most inventive design which are perfectly suited for modern-day living.

Furniture: Office Desks

OFIS offers an array of modern and premium office desks in Dubai and across the UAE, which are truly exceptional in aesthetics, design, and comfort. Each one of our offering boasts of a great human insight behind its creation. Right from height adjustable desks to the meeting room tables as well as in between ancillary areas, we have the widest product range in the market. We are confident that we have everything in place to give you the interior solution you need- be it office, hotels, hospitals or universities.

Furniture: Acoustic Solution

Solving acoustic problem of a space in a unique & creative way has been the USP of all our acoustic products. No more are they available just in panels (to be mounted on walls), with finish being fabric. Explore distinctive material such as wood, concrete and metal on walls which would give any space a designer perspective with noise absorption functionality. Sometimes by hanging from the ceiling or by simply being a free standing version, these acoustic products becomes the ‘WOW MOMENT” of a room. One can also give their client an extra edge by proposing vertical garden partition without the maintenance of having one literally

Furniture: Worktools

All the fringe products without which the workspace wouldn’t be complete and fully functionally is available as one stop shop with OFIS. Be it the regular computer support, power + cable management, whiteboards + podiums or the more technical and specific product such as meeting scheduler or lighting, one can buy it from us either in combination (with the desks) or independently. Spice up your desks and make it more appealing with the use of colorful finishes for the work tools

  1. Mov


    The Mov series of collaborative furniture is a unique hybrid of “me-space” and “we-space” for the office that will best meet your needs
  2. Abay


    Aby with its uncomplicated sleek lines is complementary to nearly any office setting.
  3. Bay


    Bay is a bright and light single seater which complements your space with its vibrant color choices
  4. Belden


    Belden lounge warms up your space for that sense of cozy relaxation that keeps you grounded
  5. Cala


    Cosy tub chairs with comfortable curves. Complements a wide range of furniture, across both formal and informal settings.
  6. Doba


    Doba is a versatile single, double & Triple seater sofa that can be used to liven up your office setting.
  7. Duelle


    Add a touch of fun to your office setting, collaboration or breakout area with Duelle
  8. Genessa


    Genessa is a single seater vintage style sofa which gives a gentle nod to modernity
  9. Layton


    Layton series of lounge seating will help to create the perfect impression in executive offices and guest waiting areas
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