Siemens Energy

A view into our project for the new Siemens Energy Global HQ, based out of Expo City Dubai. This futuristic project marks a remarkable collaboration, with OFIS serving as the furnishing partner across five buildings as part of the project.

Project Highlights:

  • Modern Design: The project's stunning modern design perfectly captured the innovation and creativity synonymous with Siemens Energy. 
  • Vibrant Color Scheme: The color palette reflected Siemens Energy's spirit, infusing warmth with sophistication into the workspace. 
  • Spacious Dining Area: One building floor dedicated to a generously sized dining area showcased their values with aesthetics. 
  • Outdoor Seating: Each building a multiple, thoughtfully integrated outdoor seating areas creating a dynamic and inviting workspace. 
  • Focus Areas: Each room features dedicated pods and soundproof focus rooms, fostering a collaborative & productive environment.

By combining cutting-edge design, interactive elements, and ergonomic considerations, these offices truly represent the future of workspaces.


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