First look: New Look Both Ways office carpet tiles and LVT collection from Interface

02 Mar 2020

Melia Abs, a concept designer at OFIS, takes us inside ESAG Design Hub in Dubai Design District and introduces Look Both Ways, the latest office carpet tiles and LVT collection from Interface, designed by Kari Pei.

Inspired by composite ground materials, such as concrete and terrazzo, this is the first time that we see in one collection, both carpet tiles and luxury vinyl tiles - LVT.

“Interior designers that we’re working with are loving this new collection. It’s artistic yet simple, allowing designers to combine the styles to fit any aesthetics, a performance requirement, and even a price point,” explains Melia Abs, concept designer at OFIS.

Look Both Ways by Interface inspires one to look at the floor and flooring material from another angle by mixing carpet tile and LVT with different designs into striking combinations.

“Entering our Innovation Hub, the LVT Walk the Aisle range covers the major area of the space,” Melia continues. “Walk the Aisle remind us of a wedding celebration, where confetti flutters in the air and lands on the ground.” 

In this area, our concept designer combined Step Aside, which is the main carpet tile of this collection. 

“This style is rich and playful and also inspired by the ideas of confetti and joyful speckles of color,” she adds.

In the focus area, Melia used Step This Way collection, which has a softer look with a carved effect and a labyrinth pattern.

“What’s interesting here is that we used the two curvilinear styles in both carpet tile and LVT. However, the LVT is completely flat but can deliver dimension and visual texture. And together, they create a continuity,” says Melia.


In the workstation area, Melia decided to challenge the angles as well as the installation team at OFIS, creating a large circle below the workstations.

“Our customers usually ask us if it is possible to cut the LVT in curved shapes. I’m so proud of our installation team that is always able to bring my concepts to life accurately,” explains Melia. “We used three different LVT styles side by side, allowing us to create more playful patterns and truly custom design.”

OFIS team also used different flooring carpet tiles and LVT ranges such as Walk of Life, Step it Up, and Sienna to highlight the collaboration area.

With concrete and terrazzo-inspired patterns, Look Both Ways collection is on-trend in terms of colors and patterns and also provides excellent sound absorption and slip resistance properties.

At OFIS, we offer both flooring and furniture design services, helping you create concepts that are as unique as our customers.

Look Both Ways is full of attractive options, and every mix is a match!

So go ahead and Look Both Ways. 

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